Friday, August 19, 2011

DIY 手机吊饰





Thursday, April 7, 2011


Flora shooting in Taipei International Flora Exposition

Thursday, July 22, 2010

wedding- actual day shooting

Last month i had attended Stanz's brother wedding actual day. i had took some photo over there.
this is my second time join wedding shooting. i know this may not the best or prefect. i will learn from mistake and upgrade my tool. my next target prime lens and speed light. =)

Wedding Photo Editing

Some wedding photo editing done by me.
Leave comment for me~ THX

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Final Year Project - Livery Design

Livery design for Icy Juicy Sdn. Bhd.

company signage & store design

waiter & waitress uniform design

Icy Juicy Sdn. Bhd transport design

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Final Year Project - Stationary Set

My Final Year Project --Stationary Set

Name card design in corporate color- Red & White

Letterhead in A4 size

Envelope design

Final Year Project - Logo

Helo~ I am graduate on this 13th of March. Yeahh~~
Now I am free to post current art work which done for my Final Year Project.


Icy Juicy Sdn. Bhd.


Commercial sector, Restaurant & Café


Icy Juicy is a place which serves variety of fruit flavor dessert. It is a place for sharing the sweet moment with friends, family, and couples. The natural, innovative, excellent and tasty desserts are made with fresh ingredient.

Icy Juicy comes out with the concept of fresh and sweet look. The interior of Icy Juicy will be modern, trendy and sweet. We wish every customer would be able to feel the joy and fun in the store after the having our dessert. We hope the dessert that we provide will be able to make people happy always.

This is my company logo:-

The logo reflects that a combination of fruits and ice. It is directly to show that our company is a dessert store. Our store named as icy juicy is the combination of icy which reflect ice or frozen and juicy to represent juicy part of the fresh fruits.

This logo including symbol and word. It is a combination logo type. A round corner square box in red with two grenny leaves work as symbol of fruits. The white area is to form as a ice cube. And the word of " icy juicy" is placed in the center of the symbol.

The red is to show the passionate and desire. The green that use to show freshness and healthier of the ingredient that we use in our desserts.